I have concretely accepted the fact that traditional British food has little finesse. Cheddar, Heinz, jam tarts — delicious comfort, but no class.
Having said this, nothing cures a bout of homesickness like a dousing of grease. After searching for fish & chips in Paris, The Sunken Chip seemed to be top — they credit themselves as Paris’s ‘first and only’ chippie. Alors…

What: As it says on the tin, English fish and chips in Paris. Battered sausages also available
Who: Couples grabbing late-night meals, hungry men and tourists
Price: €14 for the Classic meal (fish, chips and peas). The bottle of Newcastle Brown made it €16.50
Portion: Slightly scrimped on the fish size but was good quality. Excellent minted mushy peas
Experience: Brit staff sporting Breton-striped tops, plastic tomato ketchup dispensers and wooden forks gave a happy novelty factor; canteen style dining
Tip: Take your poisson away and sit by Canal Saint Martin
Score: 7/10. Did the job well, but for a steep price

Info: 39 Rue de Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris; and a van that tootles around the city for festivals
Tel — 01 53 26 74 46
Tuesday — Friday 12 – 14.30 / 19.30 – 22.30
Saturday — Sunday 12 – 15.30 / 19.30 – 22.30

Image courtesy of The Sunken Chip.com
Image courtesy of The Sunken Chip.com