Made In Chelsea has started again and predictably I’m willingly giving up an hour each Monday to plummy drivel, Caggie’s infuriating Cabbage Patch pout and Mark Francis’s guffawing.

While I’m less than made up about the MIC clothes (Kimberly’s ‘church’ outfit is still prickling me) the accessories are quite fetching, case in point Rosie Fortescue‘s rose-gold knuckledusters.

 As I’ve laid out in nice simple terms the Maison Martin Margiela‘s are my end game buuuut at £305 I’ll be buying one ring per quarter which I don’t think Net-a-Porter lets you do, so for the meantime trusty ASOS* has sorted my fingers out of a robbery situation.

*Disclaimer: I feel I must mention that I bought these rings and they aren’t so ‘adjustable’  so if you don’t have twigly fingers I would look elsewhere. Casually ousted my abnormally large knuckles.