Pick Up a Pug

There’s one breed of canine causing a stir at the moment: the pug. Their appearance in this autumn’s Louis Vuitton advert was confirmation that this dog had finally had it’s day.

Small, rippled and just big enough not to fit in a handbag, the pug is fast becoming the fashion accessory of choice.

Many pugs have graced the silver screen (Pocohontas or Men In Black are a couple of blasts from the past) but my personal favourite are the bejewelled pooches in Marie Antoinette.

Stylist had their office pug Lenny reporting from the front rows of London Fashion Week. Swaddled in bespoke outfits, fawned over by celebrities, and enjoying the A-list treatment, Lenny was living the dream.

So while Boo, the ‘world’s cutest dog’ reaches over 2 million fans on Facebook (I still attest it’s not a real dog, that fur looks freakishly rigid), I embrace the wrinkled, loveable pug. Whether in costume or au naturale, they’re the muts nuts.