After the assessment that our friendship group didn’t do enough things collectively, brunch was made ‘our thing’. Whether I’m feeling delicate/ill/or plain obstinate attendance is mandatory and all excuses fall on deaf ears. But it is the perfect way to combine camaraderie, coffee and carbohydrates.

Kopapa is exactly what springs to mine when you think of a continental brunch scene. Heavy white linens, immaculately served coffee (massive Flat White snob) and a menu that’s eclectic but also has the traditional Eggs Benedict etc. The chorizo hash had enough spice for a delicate constitution but gave a nice kick in the pants too. Could have had seconds. 8/10

Chorizo hash with two fried eggs, rocket, sriracha chilli & crispy shallots / Kopapa, Seven Dials

On face value Lantana Café doesn’t look like much more than the typical independent watering hole but one scan of the menu proved the Aussie eatery was a cut above the rest. Maple french toast with crisp bacon, grilled bananas and candied pecans; black pudding with pear puree and rocket; corn fritters stacked with crispy bacon, fresh rocket, slow roast tomatoes, chilli jam and crème fraiche. Relaxed atmosphere which meant quite a long wait for food, and certainly book or you’ll be waiting outside. Very filling. Very good. 7/10

Slow cooked Boston baked beans with organic pork belly, spinach, poached eggs and grilled cornbread / Lantana, Fitztrovia

The Modern Pantry definitely had the look – Farrow & Ball/Sanderson colour palette, mismatched wooden tables and a brilliantly tiled bathroom. Stacked pillows of flaky, touch-me pastries lined our walk up to our table. It seems more a restaurant than a brunch destination but the prices don’t reflect that – a ‘main’ breakfast course averaging £8.50. Despite being tempted by chilli and feta waffles (below), the tea smoked salmon clinched it. The yuzu Hollandaise was just right, but sadly the service wasn’t as good. 6/10

Tea smoked salmon, two poached eggs, English muffin and yuzu Hollandaise / The Modern Pantry, Clerkenwell

Gail’s is the ideal Saturday morning pitstop (you’ll need both a beady eye and elbow-throwing to land a table). I always go for the delightful yoghurt, granola, compote concoction. Fills me up ’til gone noon. 6/10

Granola with organic yoghurt & blackberry compote / Gails, Portobello