People love Paris, and they love a GIF, too. Here’s the best Paris GIFs to entrance and transport you to the City of Light. Cue some fitting music and on y va !

The morning commute…

paris gif commute

…isn’t always underground.

paris metro

Or the lucky ones take the scenic route.

Pootling by the Seine

A standard petit déj

Paris cigarette coffee gif

…ready for your strut down the Champs Elysées.

chanel fashion gif

As for tourist spots: look at it, not from it.

eiffel tower sky gif

The best time to visit the Louvre. Tourist-free.

louvre paris gif

Even Harry Styles does this.

harry styles eiffel tower

So escape to the Jardin du Luxembourg.

jardin du luxembourg gif

Paris is indeed the city of love.

paris love gif

But you best perfect leaving your beau’s flat in a huff…

…before you remember how good he smells.

amelie poulain gif

Playing with your food is encouraged…

creme brulée

….as is smoking.

smoking gif

And wine is acceptable at any hour.

drinking wine gif

The City of Light,

paris carousel

is still best seen from above.

paris rooftop

Paris knows how to celebrate,

fireworks eiffel tower

but every evening’s kind of special.

eiffel tower lights gif

For a prolonged dose of joy, here’s a rather lovely time-lapsed video of Paris: