Love Instagram? Love Paris? Then you should be following these incredible accounts. Here are my 10 best Instagrammers in Paris. Happy dreaming…

@vutheara · VuTheara Kham · Photographer
With over a million followers, Paris-based photographer VuTheara has worked for an array of brands from Air France to Sony.

Offering an emotive and often deserted view of Paris — worlds away from the bustling streets we’re familiar with — his use of light and perspective are captivating.

Along the banks of the Seine

Une photo publiée par VuTheara Kham (@vutheara) le

🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦 Une photo publiée par VuTheara Kham (@vutheara) le

 · Nathalie Geffroy · Photographer

Nathalie Geffroy’s vision of Paris is all colours of the rainbow.

 A strict iPhone-only photographer, she snaps views of iconic sites with unexpected angles and buckets of imagination. A daily dose of happiness.

Look up #Paris

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  In the air #Paris   Une photo publiée par nathparis (@nathparis) le

@theotherartofliving · Sophie Trem· Blogger

Want to see inside a Parisian’s day-to-day? Then dive headfirst into Sophie Trem’s magical and superbly laid-out lifestyle.

Blogger, mum of two and style hunter, Sophie is the epitomy of Parisian cool. Her Other Art of Living posts of inspirational mantras, family frolicks and exquisitely-styled food are pure joy.



@jeffonline · Jefferson · Photographer

There’s a clarity to jeffonline’s photos that is completely transportative. Through his lens he captures the city’s beauty from every perspective — going above and beyond to take the best possible shots.

Whether the Arc de Triomphe at dawn or Pont des Arts at dusk, Jefferson brings new meaning to the City of Light.

pαríѕ wíth @cultivalparis

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❄️113 wєєkѕ αgσ Une photo publiée par jeff (@jeffonline) le


@jr · JR · Photographer

In a short space of time JR has become an international photography legend. After wining the 2011 TED prize for the series Inside Out; his global mission is to create awareness in countries of diverse and conflicted cultures, with his gigantic prints.

Via Instagram the French artist documents his larger-than-life projects, celebrity encounters, and travels around the globe.

Kevin Working on the hands … #Philadelphia #teamwork @soldatdeplomp

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Ponny, man of the woods #Reillanne #JRxAgnesVarda Une photo publiée par @jr le


@makingmagique · Hayley Chastain Walsworth · Writer / Blogger

Better known as Making Magique, this American-in-Paris is one of the blogging elite. An ambassador for Lancôme, her Instagram feed charts her forays in fashion, food and living la vie en rose.

A modern-day Marie Antoinette; if you like your Paris with peonies, Prada and in pastel, Hayley is your gal.

Out working on some @lancomeusa photos today. Please do check their US website each week for my posts on #ParisRDV!

Une photo publiée par Haleigh Chastain Walsworth (@makingmagique) le

Always marveling at the beauty that is Sebastien Gaudard’s original bakery in the 9th. #magiqueparis Une photo publiée par HALEIGH CHASTAIN WALSWORTH (@makingmagique) le


Eternal wanderer Lily Rose has an enviable occupation hopping from country to country: Bali, New York and the Maldives alone, in the last month.

Granted, she’s not in the French capital all the time but when she comes home she’s having deluxe breakfast in bed or uneathering the city’s quaintest treasures. Both enigmatic and idyllic, her Instragrams will give itchy feet. Guaranteed.

Crazy how I just can’t get tired of hanging around Le Louvre 😳 #lilyinparis #feelslikedejavu Une photo publiée par Lily Rose (@lily__rose) le


Paris is the city of love, and Katie Mitchell’s 80k-strong fanbase has fallen hard for her bloom-laden romantic photos.

There’s a simple yet inviting charm to Katie’s photography; be it a deserted Parisian street, geometric tiles, or newlyweds aglow with love.


@lostncheeseland · Lindsey Tramuta · Food & Travel Writer

If it’s food you’re after, Lindsay and her blog Lost In Cheeseland, is a safe bet to get you salivating.

She’s not concerned with your typical box of Ladurées though — the best foodie openings, lavish restaurants, and secret coffee spots are all on her agenda.

Showing dad some of the fun spots in #Paris 👌🏼 #dadinparis #meetparis #igersparis

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@parisinfourmonths  · Carin Osslon · Blogger & Photographer
Ever dreamed of running away to Paris? In 2012, Carin Osslon did just that.

Photographing high-end fashion shoots, gallivanting around European cities, and browsing the couture collections make this Swede’s life entirely enviable. Prepare to be jealous.

My favourite colour palette in the gorgeous @ElieSaabWorld suite 💕 #thelightofnow #thelightofcannes Une photo publiée par Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths) le